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Why EDI Managed Services?

More than 15 years ago EDI Managed Services were predicted to be the wave of the future thanks to the affordability, ease and flexibility they provide clients. EDI Partners, Inc. was on the leading edge of the EDI Managed Services wave. Now, Fourteen years later, we continue to save companies up to 50% of their in-house EDI/B2B costs through a world class EDI Managed Services offering.

Our EDI Managed Services Solution

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution in the EDI Managed Services market place. EDI Partners, Inc. offers a fresh and fully customizable EDI Managed Services solution for

  • Data Transformation: X12, EDIFACT, Odette, VDA, XML, spreadsheet, flat and delimited files, keyed multiple files, image and binary files, database files
  • Connectivity: AS1, AS2, AS3, FTP, SFTP, VPN, POP/SMTP
  • Data Routing: carbon copy, envelope replacement, multiple source and destination portals
  • Full Cycle Document Reconciliation: transformation, compliance routing, functionally acknowledged
  • Automatic Notifications: document arrival, late documents, reconciliation defects

Our technology is second to none, but what really makes us shine in the EDI Managed Services market place is our customer service. Let’s face it, the EDI/B2B arena is complex, there are going to be problems. We view every call as an opportunity to improve your service. You’ll speak to a technician whenever you call EDI Partners, and you’ll enjoy personal, prompt assistance.

How do I Get Started?

Contact us at info@edi-partners.com. As part of the EDI Managed Services offering, EDI Partners has access to new patent pending EDI Collaboration technology that produces a comprehensive assessment enabling us to specifically identify and quantify:

  • Trading Partners
  • Transaction Types
  • Maps
  • Map Complexity
  • Map Implementation / Conversion Effort

Even if you decided to move in another direction with EDI Managed Services, the results of this analysis are yours to keep, and will provide insight into your EDI/B2B program that you have never seen before. Should you decide to move forward, you will be amazed at the efficiencies we achieve through the entire sales process, from finishing the deal, to creating the plan, executing the plan, and managing expectations.

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