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Industries Using EDI


EDI systems keep medical and surgical supplies in stock and distribution services operating seamlessly. At EDI Partners, Inc. we support manufacturers, distributors and hospitals to insure that the intricacies of healthcare needs are handled in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.

Weve been there since the first JIT projects to automate supply chain management between hospitals and providers, and our experience continues to grow.

Medical/surgical supplies:
Order to cash 810, 820, 850, 855, 860, 865
Inventory management 846, 852, 855, 856, 861, 867
Rebates & Pricing 832, 844, 867

EDI Partners was at the leading edge of HIPAA with early implementations of the 837 transaction in the mid 90s. Armed with that experience, EDI Partners served as lead HIPAA 4010 EDI architects for a number of large payer organizations. With more than 25 years of healthcare experience, EDI Partners is poised to assist you with your HIPAA 5010 needs.

See the listing below for examples of some of the transactions we manage. Were committed to finding innovative solutions for your company and weve got the tools to do the job right.

Claim / Payment 837, 835
Eligibility Inquiry and Response 270, 271
Claim Status Inquiry and Response 276, 277
Health Claims Attachments 275 and Enrollment 834.
HIPAA 5010.

Grocery/Food Service:

Keeping the food service pipeline running smoothly is a complex process. The relationships between suppliers, private labelers, brokers, distributors and retailers can be complicated, and that makes the corresponding EDI transactions challenging too. EDI Partners has the broad experience and technology to deliver the best solutions to each partner in the food service chain. Whether your company requires a specially designed EDI program, additional support for trading partners and documents, or cost savings outsourcing services, EDI Partners has the tools to streamline your business.


OEM and tier 1 suppliers are among the most experienced EDI users in any industry. One of the challenges in automotive implementations is the wide variety of standards and requirements. EDI Partners has implemented automotive EDI in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We understand the nuances of JIT, Kanban, X12, and UN/EDIFACT EDI requirements. Were experts on the complexities of industry standards, and well keep your company on track, so that you can focus on growing your business.


Its been a year of dramatic change and upheaval in the banking and financial sectors and more than ever clients need partners who are reliable. At EDI Partners, weve been monitoring the security of banking systems and providing exceptional service for more than 12 years. Call on us for implementation of secure, credit-driven, guaranteed payment EFT systems with the 820, 824, and 997 transactions.

In addition, the team at EDI Partners is experienced with integrating security firms and title search companies with the banking community. Well give you faster, more efficient operations with the confidence of safeguarded systems you can trust.


EDI Partners is about customer relationships, mastery of technology and the ability to adapt to changing markets. These strengths proved invaluable when Old Dominion Electric Cooperative selected EDI Partners as their preferred outsourcing vendor. We were able to handle complex EDI implementations for them utilizing enrollment 814, invoicing 810, usage 867 and payment 820 transactions. Were proud to partner with them to keep EDI processes flowing smoothly and faster than ever.

Whether using EDI in a deregulated market or just doing a better job of managing power consumption, EDI Partners is the answer to your EDI needs.


EDI Partners implemented the first debt collections network based solely on EDI. We worked with trading partners including American Express and Sears to streamline the debt collection process and improve efficiency.

Finding flexible solutions and delivering exacting results is the EDI Partners team focus.


In the world of manufacturing, producing more output in the fastest, most precise way possible is the key to success. EDI Partners helps to maximize that efficiency with customized EDI integration with production planning, purchasing, inventory control, sales order to cash and an array of other functions that enable manufacturing companies to reach new heights of productivity. Our team guides customers through the process of strategizing and implementing systems and is there with prompt customer service whenever needed. By streamlining supply chain operations and reduce expenses we give you more for your money.

Supply Chain:

EDI is a key component of supply chain management. While the technology is fairly straight forward, coordinating the activities between suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers can be quite challenging. This is where customer service and specialized attention become critical, and the EDI Partners team excels at both. Our experts will collaborate with you in order to integrate your business requirements with the supply chain business entities.

We'll oversee your EDI needs to insure seamless supply chain functionality and excellent visibility from start to finish.

The EDI Partners team gives you a global view of your business pipeline so that you can be optimally informed and responsive for maximum success.

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