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Kent Benton:

Founder and President of EDI Partners, Inc., Kent is one of the rare breed of professionals who combines mathematical and computer systems expertise with business management and leadership abilities. With degrees in Business Administration and Mathematics, he is well equipped for the challenges of today’s technological business arena.

In the early days Kent demonstrated his creativity by building an automated system that revolutionized the scheduling and daily functions of the new operating rooms at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU/MCV) Medical Center. From there, he managed the technical services departments at Owens & Minor, a leader in medical/surgical products.

With extensive systems knowledge and corporate experience under his belt, Kent set out on a new venture to bring quality, affordable EDI services to businesses, especially mid-sized companies, with specific needs. He founded EDI Partners, Inc., located in Richmond, Virginia, in 1994 and quickly joined forces with Bruce Sandkam.

Since the early days of the company, the mission has remained the same—find quality, affordable EDI and B2B solutions for each customer—even as the scope of work has grown from a regional venture to a global service-oriented enterprise.

For Kent, customer satisfaction is the key to success. "Delivering what the customer wants, when they want it, at the agreed upon cost", he says. "That’s our goal, everyday."

Bruce Sandkam:

General Business Manager and Senior EDI Consultant Bruce C. Sandkam brings more than 30 years of experience and innovative thinking to EDI Partners, Inc. An IT whiz, Bruce has been trouble shooting, overseeing computer operations, programming and managing systems teams since the 1970s. His comprehensive knowledge combined with his patient, methodical nature keeps business running smoothly. Clients count on Bruce for guidance and quick responsiveness and he delivers.

His experience includes serving as an operating system team leader for James River Corporation and managing the EDI services team at Overnite Transportation Company.

Bruce founded the Virginia eCommerce Forum in 1991 and served on the board of directors for 13 years. The Forum promoted EDI and Electronic Commerce activity and education, and served as a clearinghouse of related information and industry news.

In 1994, Bruce joined partner Kent Benton in creating EDI Partners, Inc. Since that time he has grown the company and guided clients in the fields of healthcare, food service, retail, legal, manufacturing, chemical, telecommunications and many others.

Keeping business on track is his focus and people are his top priority. Offering superior customer service is Bruce’s number one goal every day. "We get the business of EDI done right the first time."

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